So squalor.S

I bought a buffet today because I needed a thing to put stuff in, to keep me from living in squalor like the filthy GTer I am.

No, mostly, I just wanted to show it off because it's covered in silver paint, and why isn't more stuff covered in silver paint? Also, my kitten looks incredibly dumb in this photo, because she is incredibly dumb (case in point, this photo was taken about 2 seconds before she skidded off the shiny silver surface and went crashing onto the floor / into the fridge door).

Speaking of squalor, though? I think my neighbors cooked something with nuoc mam today, and my kitchen now reeks like a fisherman's arsehole. I spent the better part of the evening sniffing around my kitchen, trying to figure out the source of this rank, vinegary stench, and it's still lingering like a fishghost hours later. NO.