I am doing some serious unfuckering of the house, because I want to invite my bf over this week and he hasn't seen my place (I've been practically living at his). He keeps asking to come over, and I'm like...I gotta make the place pretty!!!

Since I can't do huge projects all at once because of my ouches, I have been doing lots of little projects for the past few days, and I'm really pleased with how the house is looking. Everything looks so lovely, and organized, and it smells so nice (I bought these little apple-cinnamon smelling thingy's). My cat is all intrigued by the changes and is going around investigating like mad. I've accidentally added lots of purple accents, because I'm a weirdo and I love purple, but that's okay because it happens to also be my roommate's favorite color. I wish I had moneys so I could buy a bunch of things, but alas, I must do with what I have.

Anyway, I'm starting to feel comfortable enough with my home to invite the boy over. yay! (I'm neurotic, I know).

Epic unfucking of house