So yesterday was a horrible shit fuck of a day. Starting with my missing a hearing and culminating with opposing counsel yelling at me for 10 minutes and me crying in front of like 4 of my bosses. It was horrible.

I was just doing my job. This guy had been jerking us around about a document production and I merely suggested that FedEx was still open and he could overnight us the documents, given we'd been waiting for three weeks. He WENT OFF. I was fine on the phone, dealt with it fine. But after I hung up the weight of the week fell on me all at once and I just started crying. I couldn't stop. I was so mad at myself.

My two woman bosses were great. One gave me a pep talk and the other sat down and did some real mentoring, talking to me seriously about how to handle these situations in the future.

Then I had to tidy myself up and go talk to the boss whose project it was. I thought I was fine but as soon as I started to tell him I teared up. He was SO PISSED. He was already in the process of writing this guy a fuck you letter, so he was just like, "time to make some more edits." He basically opened the letter like, "I'm not sure why you think it is appropriate to yell at any attorney, much yes a young attorney who is simply trying to do her job."

Anyway... dude just called and apologized. And it was a real apology too. None of that "sorry you got upset" bullshit. He said he was out of line and it wouldn't happen again and was sincerely sorry.

And that is how my lemon week was made into some like slightly too sour but still refreshing lemonade. :-D