You know what? At this point I'm not even surprised.

WTF LIFE??? Cancer!!! REALLY!?!

We knew something was wrong and were joking about it being a brain tumor. But its not a tumor. Its fucking cancer. FUCK YOU CANCER.

WTF LIFE??? Cancer!!! REALLY!?!

MrGhostBoobs just found out he has some kind of Lymphoma... Likely Hodgkins.

We're taking him for a biopsy in a week and a half and that should give us an idea of which Lymphoma we're dealing with. Then all sorts of other staging shit to see how far its progressed. And then treatment, whatever that may be (Radiation/Chemo/Stem Cell.)

He doesn't have insurance (all the doctors and specialist visit are covered by OHIP; but any drugs he might need are not and can run around 60 thousand a year from what the doctor told him.) Thankfully his doctor was nice enough to suggest and start the process of getting him signed up for the provincial drug assistance plan.

In between dealing with my Dad- who has likely suffered a mini-stroke sometime in the last couple weeks and refuses to go to the hospital... And my own sickness... And reading up on all the scary things that come with this sort of diagnosis for the last 24 hours... I've haven't had a lot of sleep and am incredibly drained.

WTF LIFE??? Cancer!!! REALLY!?!

The last 58 minutes have been spent debating between the Kindle Fire HD and Samsung Tab 3... I have a shitload of information and checklists I want to access and use for the upcoming medical visits and sure- I'd love to be able to bring along a fancy schmantzy iPad Air or something, but I have a very limited budget for a tablet and just need something cheap and small that will get the job done. Both of them have 8GB of storage and have 7" screens, and they are 159$ for the Kindle and 169$ for the Tab... I haven't a clue which one to go with. Also, I wouldn't mind having something MrGhostBoobs can use if he ends up having to spend a lot of time having treatments done :(

Fuck it all.