Originally this was just going to be the exercise question (and yes, I know it's misspelled in the title), but when it took me three tries to get it right, I started wondering if anyone else has certain words they just can't get their brain to retain.

The only two that I can think of that cause problems for me are exercise and nauseous (had to look that one up as well). With both, no matter how often I use them, it always takes me multiple tries to get them right. I'm generally a good speller (typos caused by using a phone keyboard excluded), and can handle more complicated words with ease. These two, however, elude me time after time. I can't be the only one with words like that, can I?

As for the original question: I started a new strength training routine yesterday that I can do at work, and today those muscles are sore! Should I keep going through the pain and stiffness, or am I supposed to take a break for a day to avoid overworking or stressing the muscles?