You know why? Because women's clothing doesn't have pockets.

I'm five days into a new job, and I've been missing pockets all week. At my old job, I just walked around everywhere in a big winter coat which had nice deep pockets, but I feel that I should be a little more dressier here still.

So far this week, I've worn four pairs of pants, three dress shirts, two long sleeved shirts, and two cardigans, and one over-sweater-thing. Total number of pockets: two, both of which were tiny and placed right over my boobs, which made using them impossible. On Sunday, I went shopping for one of those pairs of pants, and specifically looked for a pair with pockets, but there were none to be found (also not found: pants designed for shorter women with big thighs and hips and narrow waists). None. I'm not asking for the moon. All I want is a place to hold my phone and a couple tissues. But women's clothing just doesn't seem to have pockets, except in jeans that are cut so skinny that you can't put anything in them anyway. Why are designers so afraid of pockets on women's wear?

This morning, I grabbed one of my husband's cardigans at random to wear (my office is chilly). Guess what it has? Pockets. Nice, deep, sensible pockets that hold everything I wish.

I'm shopping in the men's department more often.