Why, Hello There, Groupthink

Thank you so much to the awesome Mods for the posting rights. Kinja was drop-kicking my tail-feathers all day yesterday so I didn't even realize until now. Talons crossed this will post.

Some of you know me, but for those who don't, in brief:

I live in California

Why, Hello There, GroupthinkS

I like books

Why, Hello There, GroupthinkS

I have two little (human) Owlets

Why, Hello There, GroupthinkS

I also like MAPS. (<==== Click the link. Fascinating.)

There's more about writing and editing and social justice work and cooking Indian food and a love of comic books and films from the '70s, but I promised to be brief :)

So very nice to meet you.

(Hmm. I should also add that even when Kinja doesn't hate me, I cannot seem to format around multiple images for shit.)