I don't mean this is a recent phenomenon, because it's obviously one of the oldest...I'm just curious what made it so? What made man think....Hmmm, I could use this as a weapon?

I refer to several things which stirred these thoughts. One is ImaginaryFriends post about a gang rape ordered as punishment. Just....yeah. I can't even comprehend how horrifying that is yet, because I've only recently woken up. But as I said in her comments...fuck you world.

There's another example! As an insult, we say "fuck you". Isn't fucking good? So when we say it, do we mean bad fuck you? or rape you? Is it because we are imagining the penis, and the penis is a weapon?

And to be clear, I'm not curious about the etymology of 'fuck you'... I'm talking about the point where our brain meets our mouths and begins to think...what does this mean??

I thought of this...whole weapon thing the other day, when I was on the subway and this kid was yelling at his buddy angrily, and he kept yelling "Suck my dick! Suck my dick!". And I thought... what a strange thing to yell when you are angry? Yet we've all heard it said! But it's declaring 'I am using my penis as a form of power over you, to debase and belittle you."

It's been a war tactic, it's been a punishment, it's been a joke, it's been a threat...what made it so?

I know I'm not pondering anything new. I'm merely pondering. What in our world has made this small, vulnerable, easily wounded body part, a both figurative and literal weapon?

When did the penis become a weapon?S

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ETA 2: Penabler just linked me this awesome Jez post from awhile back. It's fascinting!