...between showering and having sex? I'm thinking in a long-term relationship - could be living together or seeing each other at least 2-3 nights a week. None of your brand-spanking-new relationships with your showering right before sex and wearing your fanciest panties nonsense.

I have super dry hair and skin so I'm an every-other-day showerer (with navy showers in between) except in the hottest months - wait, this is Scotland; make that hottest day. But I get antsy if we're banging at that awkward 36-hour stage. Like, if I have a shower Thursday night and we go at it Saturday morning I tend to not focus enough on doing the nasty 'cause I'm too focused on whether I smell. Basically we're a morning sex kind of couple, and I'm a night shower kind of gal.

ETA: I'm not really angsty about it, I was just wondering what other people do 'cause I'm nosy! :)