I have been a teacher for nine years. I love it. I love teaching, I love young people, I love my subjects… But…

I'm 32 and I don't know what I want to be when I grow upS

The thumbs up looks more and more bizarre the more people there are

Many people who go into teaching and are promoted to management have major personality problems. And I am so fucking over it. There are too many bullies, shit leaders and people who don't realise they are stupid. (I may have described every manager in every field of work, not just teaching.) Teachers tend to be exceptionally passive aggressive. Not sure why. I am over that too.

I am also over being told I am lazy and am only in it for the holidays. I have worked so hard in my first decade of teaching that I have burned the fuck out. It is too difficult, the holidays don't restore my energy levels.

My first choice for alternative career is 'Famous Author' but of course it is not well paid enough unless you are very very lucky.

I really wanted to work for Lego Education making resources to support teachers but they have turned me down twice now, so I have (sadly) taken the hint. I think I could make really good resources for teachers but unless it is for a big company, it's not going to pay the bills.

After playing some games with really good writing (Gone Home, Secret World, The Last of Us etc), I would love to write for games but that's as pipe dreamy as famous author.

What I really need is a Plan. Like with steps. But to get there, I need a goal. Either I want to train other teachers in which case, I need to start something online that teachers can use. If I want to write professionally, I need to get published. Already, I have a regular column in the English language newspaper here but I need fiction credits. In which case I need to write more short stories for the attention of literary magazines.

I have even looked into the English language degree programmes nearby, like, I loved computer science during my degree and it was the only thing I was good at. Maybe I could do another degree? Work with computers or something? In that case, I need to play with my Raspberry Pi more and shake off the rust.

Anyone want to be my Career Fairy Godmother and tell me what I should do?