It isn't working. I just have it at my house. If I had someone wipe it (assuming that is possible) you think someone would buy it for parts? Would someone around here use it for parts? Do you just trash it? No idea.

Is there an tech-y Kinja this should be shared to? Halp.

Edit with info:

Black macbook, purchased 2007. Lasted till 2013 when it just stopped turning on. No idea of the problem... we just bought a new one.

ETA more info:

I do know the battery is fried. For about a year, that was it's only real problem (had to be plugged in). Then one day it just wouldn't turn on. I suppose the charger and the batter could just be fried and the rest is fine...

ETA three: no one told me my title says "do do". Heh. Do do.