A few complaints regarding my news feed this morning:

1) All of the "celebrity look-alike" pics from this site. Um no, honey you do not look like Kate Hudson. And I'm not saying that like "you aren't pretty like Kate Hudson." I just mean, you have absolutely no features that in any way suggest, of all people, Kate Hudson. This system is clearly picking photos at random.

2) This article, entitled "This Young Mother is Giving Up on Her Kids, and I Don't Blame Her." I haven't even read it yet, but I'm sure it is reminiscent of the guy who was still "dating" while "married." A load of twee bullshit about how to do X perfectly (marriage, or parent) wrapped up on click bait. No thank you.

3) Some friends of ours very publicly celebrating their one month anniversary with flowers sent to her office. I hate the posting of flowers anyway, but something about the one month anniversary part really gets me. I thought once you got married you stopped with the months? Maybe that is just me.

4) This picture and recipe, because I know it is a lie, and I'll put all this effort into making it, only to have it turn out horribly:

Wednesday morning Facebook roundup

Things I enjoyed from Facebook this morning:

This picture, which is not of Baxter, but a Baxter look-alike. (ETA: This is Franklin, of Where's Franklin, which you should all absolutely follow on Facebook. Franklin is an excellent hider and his human frequently posts Where's Waldo type pictures of him. They've also got a book.)

Wednesday morning Facebook roundup

Some great baby photos, which I cannot share.

This graphic, posted by a friend, which was made in response to Ted Cruz's statement that Pres. Obama's policies hurt our most economically vulnerable.

Wednesday morning Facebook roundup

This Buzzfeed article on funny Amazon reviews.

This story being passed around by a bunch of friends about the NC clergymen suing to be ALLOWED to marry gays.

And a whole lot of rejoicing over Donald Sterling's ban.

So honestly, I thought my page would way heavily in favor of annoying shit, but it seems I've managed to cull my Facebook feed into something quite awesome. What about you? Anything particularly good or bad on your feed this morning?

ETA 2: Here's an example of a Where's Franklin. They can be really hard!

Wednesday morning Facebook roundup