To juxtapose my prior...experience.

Another one I met on OKCupid. I...*sighs happily. Do not know where to start. I didn't have high hopes for him, to be honest. He's a NYC transplant from Georgia. My mom also didn't have high hopes. Her exact words were "what is a mess of a Brooklyn girl like you going to have in common with a nice Georgian boy?" He has an AWESOME name. I won't doxx him, but really it's cool as hell. He's a stand-up comic. After my most recent date, I didn't want to go. I was so jaded, and one of my close friends basically forced me to go. For whatever reason, she "had a good feeling about him." So I went. And I went with NO fucks given. No makeup, hair a frizzy ball of red curls, in a pretty miserable state of mind. Our original plan was to go to a bar (my idea, he doesn't drink) but I asked him last night if we could instead do something else, so we decided on grabbing coffee. I told my friend (the one who had the good feeling) "I want to hang out with him sober. And I don't want to do anything. For once."

So I met him. And objectively, he's cute. Tall, blonde, pretty blue eyes, adorable southern accent. Not even remotely close to my type physically. We each got a cup of coffee, and sat on a bench outside the place and smoked cigarettes and talked, soberly, for over three hours. Just about all sorts of shit. Stories about work, our families, he told me about Georgia. And he is quite funny! And really, really awkward but it's incredibly endearing. At around 11 pm we moved down the block to a bar/restaurant, where we ate and I had a few beers. We just kept talking. We talked about comic books, about what X-men power we would choose, about Christopher Nolan's Batman series. About our friends, our future plans, music, Pokemon, Gameboys, cell phones. About our tattoos, my piercings, why he left Georgia (because he's a liberal, kind of-feminist and didn't even remotely fit in there), why I want to leave Brooklyn. We pretty much shared our life stories, and, and I mean this in the most positive way possible, he's just as broken as I am. The whole time I was just thinking "why isn't he trying anything?" I'm not used to guys not making moves on me as soon as humanly possible.

Finally, at about 2:30 am, we decided that perhaps we should head home. So we walked together quietly for a few blocks, and then had to part ways for different trains. And he hugged me. He hugged me. So I...kissed him. First. And we just kissed for a bit. And it was really...sweet. Yeah :)

And when we finally did part ways, he kissed me on the cheek.

And it's 4 am and we're still texting.