So I have a super duper evangelical conservative friend on FB. She lives far from me, I know her through a particular special interest group we were both a part of. It seems that she and many of her friends were homeschooled and they all know each other through church so they are all super conservative and for years I have been watching their conservativeness play out on her FB, occasionally arguing, but otherwise ignoring.

Well it seems like one of the main group who moved away has become a libertarian I suppose. I have no great love for libertarians, but compared to this person and her friends' beliefs, whoah. Watching him slowly start to challenge her assertions that we need to, for instance, nuke X country because of X reason, has been amusing.

I think a lot of us have gone through this in our own group of friends (not me so much, I guess I'm lucky) and it kind of (or really) sucks, but has anyone else got to watch these shit shows from afar?