You guys know I am all about helping people, especially those who are going through a rough time. And you also know I am all about eliminating classism to the furthest possible extent.

Which is why it is SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING when I see something like this.

This is one of my ex-boyfriends (someone I dated before the abuser). He is NOT a "poor college student." This description completely misrepresents his situation. Not only does he own a house (that he's complaining he had to repair), he has also had the option of living in a studio apartment on that property, rent-free, since his mom's death (I think he moved into an apartment after we broke up, which means he was paying way more rent than he had to). He's feeling like he got the short end of the stick because his dad *only* paid for ONE YEAR of college - um, wah! that's more than most people get! He took two years longer than necessary to graduate, he took 100% of available loans to pay expenses (what expenses? he had rent and utilities paid for and he could have gotten food stamps if he'd just been willing to work a few hours a week!) and let's not forget that he took a year off from school, barely worked during that time, and took a three-month-long trip to Britain. He is not poor. He is not disadvantaged. He's white, male, pretty solidly middle class (um, I don't own a house! I'm fairly certain he has enough equity that if he sold it he'd have more than enough to pay off his entire college loan and then some), and completely able-bodied. ETA: despite what he said on his gofundme page, he did qualify for Stafford loans, but ran out of them because he took so long finishing school/took out so much in order to pay for "expenses." Oregon tuition is also low compared to the rest of the country - it was somewhere around $8000 a year when he first started college and is maybe $9000-$10,000 now, whereas in many states it's closer to $15-$20,000.

And the amount of money he's asking for! I could see it if he had medical bills, but he lists what he wants the money for and most of it is car-related. He says he can't get a job without a car, but that's a blatant lie - we have a better public transportation system in this town than in most places in the US (other than very large cities like New York, obviously). Maybe he should, you know, do what the rest of us do and actually be willing to work full-time (since he's a journalism major and all the available jobs are pretty much only part-time) at a job that isn't his first pick. It's what I've been doing for years so I don't have to have my friends fucking crowdsource my car, which I'm still making payments on.

But the truly ridiculous part of this, in my opinion, is the people he's asking for money from: his friends. Most of them are truly disadvantaged. The friend who showed me this was one of his best friends in high school; her husband was his other best friend. She struggles from depression and anxiety, yet she worked throughout college in order to pay her own way as much as possible. She and her husband both work now. He never got to go to school. She has her own student debt to deal with. Most of this guy's friends are in the same boat - most of them also don't have cars. He's asking for money from those who are far less well-off than him.

Vent: misuse of crowdfunding

I really want to comment on his page and say something not very nice.

Final ETA: some people have pointed out to me that it comes across as though I'm saying that people who have made bad choices that have led them to poverty do not deserve assistance. I am really sorry for this impression. My frustration and anger over this situation made me much more careless with my language than I should have been. I think those who need help are always deserving of help, regardless of why they need that help. I just think this person is grossly misrepresenting his need and painting himself as "in poverty" when he is really just minorly inconvenienced.