So following this incident the other day, I contacted the company.

Hello [lady],

I just wanted to make you aware that I actually received this tracking update instead of [bf]. As this is an engagement ring, you can imagine how disappointing it was to have a big part of the surprise taken away with the email. I'd request that you not contact [bf] at this time as he does not know, but I am sure that this is not your usual business practice considering the highly personal industry. I've had nothing but good experiences dealing with [company] up to this point and I absolutely don't want to end the transaction on a bad note.

Best, [me]

Her response:

Dear [TB],

Thank you very much for your email.

I am sorry to hear that your email address was on file with the order rather than [bf's] email address.

I am very sorry for this disappointment.

I do however hope that you love the ring.

Best wishes to you and [bf].

So, I'm letting it drop because obviously there's nothing to be done, I just think the way she answered is kind of bullshit, like borderline absolving them of the mistake because my email was "on file." Basically like...not sorry enough. I hate it when people try to weasel out of admitting fault by citing procedure or some other excuse.

My other issue was that if I was getting the Fedex updates, I don't think my bf actually got any notification that it was shipped in the first place, which he was probably waiting on considering he placed the order. I don't even know if he has a confirmation email!

At first I was worried they'd have to re-attempt delivery because neither of us was home yesterday (he often teleworks) and they needed a direct signature. But thankfully the front desk signed so it was delivered.

So, I was left with a ring that I was notified was delivered that he had no idea was delivered, yet I couldn't get it without him knowing that I know about it! Annnnnd our front desk is really bad about giving us notices that they have packages for us.

I emailed him this morning and said "oh btw there was a slip the other day that you had a package at the front desk but I didn't pick it up."

GAH. This is a sitcom, people. I'm really not upset or anything but I feel bad if he had something surprising planned and now I'm a lot more on alert than I previously was. Although it is all kind of delicious payback for all those times he wouldn't stop guessing what I got him for a gift until he guessed correctly and ruined the surprise...