Ugh. Today In "Things I Wish I Hadn't Overheard"

I missed out dropping Buddys droppings off at the Vets Saturday... So I collected another sample this morning and took it to this afternoon. While I was there I saw a man ditch his pet because the procedures the vet wanted to do "cost too much".

Cat Parent Of The Year was at the counter when I walked in, so I took a seat, put the jaunty little container of poo on my lap and waited my turn. CPOTY had his cat in the carrier on the counter at that point and was talking to the receptionist about the Care Plan she'd just produced for the cat. He looked it over and said pretty loudly "2300$!?! No way am I paying that for a cat. Uh uh. Not gonna happen. Its cheaper just to get a new one." She said "We can see if we can work out a payment plan Mr. CPOTY." He said "No, I'm not paying that amount AT ALL. How much to have it put down?" She looked surprised and said "Well it goes by weight Sir, but really, thats not necessary. This is treatable. Maybe you could take a day or two to think it over? Perhaps you should talk with your wife and daughter about it before you make the decision?" I saw him straighten up a little at that, I don't think he liked the idea of having to consult with anyone over this situation. He said "No. I don't need to think it over at all, I'M the one paying for all of this nonsense. If it were one of the dogs, yeah, totally... But for a cat? You're nuts. Take it and put it down."

He took his wallet out of his pocket, fished out a 50 and dropped it on the counter. Then he opened the little door to the carrier, pulled the cat out and set it on the counter, turned on his heel and walked out while the receptionist ineffectively bleated "Mr CPOTY, please. MR. CPOTY COME BACK AND WE'LL DISCUSS THIS PLEASE."

Poor kitty. He looked like a fine, sturdy cat. Grey and white, short haired and a little husky. I'm not even a huge cat fan, but seeing him sitting on the counter like that... Possibly moments away from death, really made me sad.

The discussion was over. Mr. CPOTY was gone and the cat was sitting on the counter right where he left it. Both the receptionist and I sat there for a few seconds, what just happend? A tech came up from the back. She saw the cat on the counter and said "Oh, I guess they decided against going with the treatment?" "Yeah, he said it was too expensive and to put him down." The tech sighed, picked up the cat and walked into the back with him cradled in her arms.

I walked up to the counter and asked "What's gonna happen to that poor cat now? Are you guys gonna put him down just like that?!" She said "Depends. We might be able to perform the surgery for free and adopt him out. We'll have to discuss it with his vet and get the owner to sign off on it. They usually do, but they get upset when they find out we'll do the surgery for free. Only not for them. It happens more often than I'd like to admit."

[Yeah, I can sorta see how that could happen when it seems like you're getting charged out the nose for every tiny, little thing as soon as you walk through the doors... But that's sort of part of the deal when you decide on owning a pet. I could never just say "fuck it, put him down" because Buddy cost too much. What I wondered is if they are willing to do the surgery 100% FOR FREE in the event the owner walks- why not come down on the price a bit to keep the animal with its family if it looks like someones gonna bail like this asshole did? I see a lot of seemingly useless charges on my quote that look like they could be cut without hurting the profit margin a whole fuck of a lot.]

I told her I thought that was heartbreaking. Then I quickly set my jaunty little container on the counter and gave her my name, Buddys name and the reason for my visit to change the subject. She smiled at the container and told me it was the cutest poo container she'd seen in a long time and thought it was well timed considering the previous interaction.

Todays poo drop off and meds pick up only costed me 75.75$.

Only 7 more sleeps till the Big Visit :( We don't know how we're gonna swing it, but its gotta be swung... So we'll swing it somehow.

How on Earth could I NOT? I mean, look at him!

Ugh. Today In "Things I Wish I Hadn't Overheard"