So that job I applied for in my company that would have been really cool.... yeah I didn't get it. I found out the same day. And immediately like 15 people came out of the woodwork and told me something they probably thought would have been disheartening to tell me before the interview, but I really wish they had: that in this company, when a position's open (unless it's bottom level retail) they already know who they want to hire. They'll post the position and hold interviews for qualified candidates but really, it's politics and it's for show, cause they know who they're going to hire.

Now, I couldn't possibly have been the person they knew they wanted, cause these people had never met me. But now that they've all talked to me and liked me and seen my work, I have a better chance at a future position in that area. If only I had known my interview was a formality to get my foot in the door for a future interview, I might not have hung any hopes on it. I already knew it was far from a sure thing, in fact I was kind of impressed with myself for not reacting emotionally to the news (I cry at everything: cat food commercials, greeting cards, stubbed toes, etc.) But it still sucked.

So now everyone's like well you're in a really good position you're in the company they know you're here and what you want to do and they had no bad feedback, only that someone else had more experience, so if something else comes up, your name will be floating around for it. And that would be just swell except that after my training program ended it stopped paying part of my salary, and since I didn't go into management after that like I was originally supposed to I'm now making the same rate as the teenagers who work here for pocket money and there is an EXTREMELY limited time for which this is going to be remotely feasible.

Everyone's on the lookout for me for an opening at a closer location to save on gas or something I can do that would pay a little more, even though I can't do the job I trained for cause they only want people who are in it for the long-haul and they now know I want to go into a different area. SIGH. It could be a whole lot worse, I know. But people are coming up to me asking since I didn't get that position what am I going to do now? And I'm like LOL I HAVE NO IDEA, YOU WANNA BUY ME LUNCH? (not really. but you know.)

Anyway, please come and share your tales of job and job hunting woes and we will be direction-less together!