17 August, bitches.

Black cats have a bad rep as harbingers of bad tidings, or witches' familiars. This nonsense means that black shelter cats are adopted at lower rates than their coevals. And this shouldn't be happening, because black cats are beautiful and amazing and superstitions are bullshit. At least most of the time.

And if you get a black cat, you can name him Behemoth after the vodka-drinking, chess-playing star of Bulgakov's masterful satire of Stalinist Russia, The Master and Margarita (pictured below). This will make your friends think you're cool. If they're cool.

Today Is Black Cat Appreciation Day

Some people think that black cats are actually smarter and more sensitive than other cats. I don't know if that's true, but my mom's cat Zipporah (do people always name black cats after Biblical characters?), pictured below, is the smartest sweetest thing.

So please, if you're open to adopting a cat, choose a black cat. And if somehow you're in the (black) market right now, lots of shelters are having deals of one sort or another today. Kitties shouldn't be judged by the color of their fur. Because MLK.

Today Is Black Cat Appreciation Day