I dreamt that I was texting Leonardo Dicaprio and he said he'd buy me Prada sunglasses. He also used a lot of emojis. It was a nice dream.

I woke up to this little cutie pretending he was snoozing too, but was really waiting for me to wake up and give him cuddles.

Today is a good day!

It's a beautiful, sunny day! Apparently it's supposed to rain later, but whatevs. I have a take home final to work on, but I'll finish that tomorrow. I don't have my next exam until Thursday morning, and it's an easy one! I think I'll spend the day reading a non-school book and rejoice over The Goldfinch winning the Pulitzer Prize!

Tell me about what's been good about your day! Or what's been bad? And I'll try to do some cheering up :)