I really enjoy groupthink, but mentally and I can't just avoid it all the time, it's starting to get really stressful and overwhelming how many posts are about crisis. Last night, there were six posts in a row on the side bar that were about it. What's probably a better solution is for me to post more at crosstalk but I wonder if there is anyway that we can contain it—not saying people can't talk about it but have some kind of individual post where it can be contained, because to be honest, containment is helpful to maintain safety. We talk all the time about the need for trigger warnings to keep people safe but feeling to be honest, it's a little overwhelming and inundating; trigger warnings creates false sense of safety, because when I'm confronted with crisis after crisis putting a little TW beside the title doesn't really do much. The emotion is what is triggering. The crisis is. Not necessarily facts of the matter all the time. So I'm saying as a request to consider issues of safety and containment for us to think about how to manage some of these things differently.