The OB-GYN department of my local hospital really botched my care recently. I don't want to get into details, but I'm filing a complaint with the department. I sent a message through the patient portal to the nurse practitioner requesting some testing she had forgotten and also asking for the name of the person I could contact to air my grievances. A woman called me yesterday while I was at work, presumably about my complaint.

My issue is that I am such a pansy over the phone! I have this letter all written out but I can't just read from it verbatim. I'm afraid I'm going to wimp out when I'm actually talking to another person. Idk how much I can reasonably expect from the hospital. I at least want this testing they had promised me done for free but I am not the type of soul who can demand something like that. I work in the service industry for god sake. I can't stand rude customers.

(That last sentence was a joke. I know I am a patient and not a customer and therefore am entitled to a certain level of attention that could otherwise be overlooked if I were just a patron)