Just a heads up—unless you're in the market for that sort of thing. ;) I can't deal with the smell of this on my face and hands anymore! (Love all the other Kiss My Face products that I've tried though.) What are some weird or unusual smelling beauty products you've purchased? (In the good-unusual category, I think MAC lipstick smells like chocolate.)

ETA: I like these smells! No disparaging vaginas here! It's just that this particular combination, and the intensity of it as it sits on my skin, is overwhelming.

Also, A LOT of people like this soap! So please don't this post dissuade you from trying it out. It's easy to find and relatively inexpensive for a "natural" soap that is very moisturizing and generally safe for sensitive skin. It probably just smells weird on me! :)

This soap smells like a cross between a glazed donut, BO, and vagina . . .