treats his girlfriend like a child. And I don't know if he does it because it is the way he treats her, it is the way she wants to be treated, or both. It is annoying as fuck, though.

Background: He is 33 (we'll call him senior), she is 23 (we'll call her junior). They started dating almost a year ago. I like her very much. She is sweet, highly motivated, mature for her age. He's a kid at heart, a wee bit childish, but a good person overall. As far as ages go, they probably work well together.

But he treats her like a child, and it drives me nuts. I try not to overthink it. My husband and I both assume it is just how our friend is, and NOT how the girlfriend wants to be treated. We only hear the babying from his side, afterall, and he says it like it is totally normal (and not in a complaining type of way). The problem for me is, if this is how she wants to be treated... we aren't compatible as friends. So I try to ignore the possibility that this is what she wants.

Example: this weekend is our 12 person race. Before the race, and after the race, us 12 people will share three rooms. 2 per double bed, 4 per room. Now it just happened to work out this race is almost entirely couples, which is odd I guess. There is one girl (Married) and one guy (Single) that aren't a couple. They are friends.

So Senior texts me tonight and says, "what are we going to do about the sleeping situation?" And I reply, "Um, we'll just figure out when we get there, like always." He replies, "Well there are all couples but Single and Married." I reply, "Oh yeah, I noticed that. I dunno, I'll just ask them if they are comfortable bunking up and if not, whatever, mr. quash and I will split up and sleep with them."

And he replies: "OH GOOD. Junior is really nervous about the race and I'd just hate to ask her to split up from me."

Um... what? In this hypothetical you would, at most, be in different beds in the same room. She can't handle that? She knows every single person on the team, very well. She isn't some outsider. Why are you treating her with kid gloves?

This is the stuff I get from her like, a few times a week. It is MADDENING. Am I overreacting?