​A friend came to me the other day wanting some advice and I wasn't sure what to tell her because I don't honestly know what to think. I thought you all might have some wisdom to spread on the matter (asking with her permission).
Some background. My friend Meredith has been dating Josh for close to 4 years (names changed) and they have been living together for close to 2 of those 4 years. I've known Meredith for a couple years now and while we are not super close we talk relatively frequently. During our friendship I've never been close to Josh but they always seem like a really good couple and he seems like a nice guy from everything she has said and what I've seen when I've been around them.

So here's what happened, night before last Meredith messages me on FB upset. Turns out a few days before she had found some naked pictures in Josh's email from some woman she didn't recognize. Now before I get any farther, I know, it's really not ok to be reading a partners email no matter the circumstances. She knows she shouldn't have but he had left it up and she got really curious.
So the problem now is she doesn't know if she should tell him she saw the pictures or not. From the emails it looks like it was someone he met online and had no opportunities to meet IRL. None of the emails were obviously sexual in content (besides the obvious fact that there were naked pictures).
So what is your take on this situation GT? I don't really know what to think because it seems there may be more going on with the situation. I'm not sure why she reached out to me as we haven't seen each other in a while but I want to help if I can. .