Both of Mr L's parents are pretty invasive. Before we met, they had a key to his place and would often come over uninvited. He would come home from work and find them on his couch, having tidied up his apartment, waiting to take him to supper. They used to call 2-3 times a day, whenever a thought popped into either of their heads that they wanted to share. We finally got them to switch to email, but the frequency has never changed.

In the last two days, Mr L got 3 emails from his mother, asking how we were, how we were dealing with the weather, how our cats were doing, and how we liked a dessert that she made on Sunday WHEN WE LAST SAW THEM that we took home with us. We've been busy, so he hadn't gotten around to replying.

Today he got a text from his brother, who had just gotten off the phone with their mother, and who had been asked to check up on us. She was worried that something had happened to us, since he hadn't replied to her urgent emails.

We've been telling his parents for four years now that I don't use email, and that I only have a texting plan. I don't think that's about to change any time soon.