I just wanted to share about this incident of a teen's plot to commit a mass school shooting/massacre on the 15th anniversary of Columbine that was foiled. The teen admitted to being fascinated by other school shootings and idolizing the Columbine shooters. Thanks, mass media!

All the media loves to do is cover the people who did the killing. Many people can name some of the suspects in some of the worst incidents we've had in this country, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing. The majority of people can't name a single victim. I hate how the media loves to show the faces and give the history of these murderers. It's like they leave the victims mostly faceless/nameless which in a way dehumanizes them, kind of making them just points in the sick demented games of these murderers and you have kids like this who come to idolize that and want to get the top score.

I'm done for today btw. Computer, off.