People in my neighborhood go to HS football games. People that don't have kids at the school.

That's odd, right? It is at the end of my street. It is one of the best programs in the state, a very good school, and a lot of the players go play college and professional football. But still... it is weird to go to a high school game, isn't it?

I ask because one of my neighbors just sent the schedule and was like, "resistance is futile; we may as well tailgate and go to a game eventually," but I'm like, what are a bunch of 30 year olds doing drinking and going to a HS game?

Anyway. Someone tell me this isn't super duper weird because I see myself getting talked into it.

p.s. I like in a city with professional baseball, football, and hockey. Plus a decent college team. It isn't like this is all we have!

p.p.s. My husband's boss goes to like, all the games. Granted his foster son played and went on to play college, but he isn't there anymore! He is not the only person without a current attachment to this school that regularly watches the games.

p.p.p.s. These kids have such a nice stadium that visiting pro teams sometimes practice there. Having gone to a shitty, poorly funded, small town public school, I'm always super jeal.

This is kind of weird, right?