And I am inviting all of GT to weigh in on things and stuff.

SO we want to elope. We need help choosing a date. Between end ish of July and before November. I kind of want my birthday(July 29) because it's easy to remember then I was like MAYBE Harry potters birthday(July 31), to also be easy to remember. We honestly don't care when as long as it's easy to remember(yes we are silly).

Also we are in SoCal as most people know, Thiefboo will also be taking my last name. I heard it's insane for guys to change their names even with marriage. BUT I've also heard things changed this year with that. Anyone have any info on that? So I'd need help looking up the prices and procedures of elopement in SoCal.

NOW To the more fun stuff awhile ago in a post I said I bought the dress I want to get married in well this is it

Thiefboo and I want to get married

I freaking love it! It's stretchy and lovely and I am going to wear gray tights and these shoes. I wanted them in the blue but I have incredibly large feets and they only came in black. I think the black will be cute also though.

Now for things I do not have and would like to.

This awesome looking compression garment. It will help smooth me out and keep me comfortable. Also it doesn't have my size currently but I have been talking with the person who makes these and is working on bigger sizes that will be available soon.

I mean how awesome is that? Compresses and shapes, so lovely.

Next we totally want matching rings. And we are thinking of engraving them with our initials. We have the same first initial and will have the same last eventually. We want boring rings of course but also sturdy ones. I've been looking and this one looks the best. Only 90 dollars each is fairly reasonable(even though we do not have it).

What do you guys think of it? I really like it and so does thiefboo. :D

NOW To the jewelry! To go lovingly with the dress and a little flare for me this necklace,

this hair comb and

these earrings.

I love them all and thiefboo really likes them too!

What do you guys think of them?

So for the things I do not have and the fees and help planning I was hoping for GT's help. But I want opinions on the matter. Like should I really make a gofundme, should I just put my email address which is attached to my paypal. Or should I just do what I can with what I already have?

I'd like to elope at the courthouse and get dressed all pretty, have a photographer there. Just some lovely photos at the courthouse then have family and GT-ers go out to eat somewhere together and maybe have a photographer there also. If we do the out to eat afterwards I'd love to bring my own wedding cake. I was looking at some pretty sugar flowers to make a simple 3 tier cake(6", 10" and 14" tiers) with flowers swirling around it. Thinking 3 flavors and cream cheese frosting for all!

I know nothing about looking for photographers or how much they cost and what is worth it and everything. SO all the opinions will be nice. But now you get to see the flowers I was looking at!

These ones and

these ones and

these ones!

With the leaves she does also or maybe not. But all of them in royal blue. THEN shitty thing is the silver dragees are illegal to sell in Cali. Which is ridiculous, only state it is a problem. It's not illegal to buy or have them in Cali, just to sell them here. Which is silly but also means I'd need a gt-er to let me shit them there and then ship them to me. I've ordered from this person before and they do lovely work and super quick!

What does everyone think of this plan and stuff to go with it? Any date suggestions? Any links explaining elopement and male name change super well? Any ideas one photography, event planning and fund raising to make it happen?

I actually really love the idea of a courthouse wedding with a nice dinner afterwords and cake! Plus the dress I have and how I want to accessorize it and the under ware stuff sounds so lovely. My email is with my squalor ID if you want to email me stuff and things about what I can do hehe. Thank you for reading. :D

ETA: I set up a gofundme! Been talking to some gt-ers via email and thinking of making a wedding site and actually registering.