There is a man and he is knocking on the door of my apartment.

He has been doing this since I tried to go to bed, approximately seven minutes ago. This is the second time in my life that I have been home alone, turned off all the lights, and been treated to an almost immediate knocking on the door. At least, in this case, the roads outside are coated in ice, so there is some merit to his story.

The man who is knocking says that he has had an accident and would like to use my phone.

I have told him - repeatedly - that I am uncomfortable opening the door to a stranger at this hour, but that there are three apartments in this building where very large military men live, who would probably feel safer doing so. I also offered to call emergency services on his behalf if he'd tell me where the accident was. (He's cold and needs to come in. Which is plausible. But also ot happening.)

I have called the police and FluterDog is acting more like an Airedale and less like a FluterDog (she does have a ferocious bark/growl in her, somewhere), but the roads are bad and it's probably going to be a while before anyone gets here to help him/me.

FluterDude is stuck a town or two over. Our door is locked and the security latch is in play, and our apartment windows would be difficult to scale. I am probably safe, but it feels a lot like Shit is Getting Real.

Update: I am on the phone with a police officer who is walking from the entryway to the complex, where his patrol car is stuck. The knocking has stopped. I am still in the guest room closet, underneath the Christmas gifts and my wedding dress. There are several locked doors between here an the door.

I liked it better when I knew where he was.

There is a Man Update