Denton apparently was unaware that this is a consistent issue and asked if I can point to specific examples. Anyone want to toss some in?

Denton (can I call you Denton? You can call me Hill), if you're reading this: I have included links to posts that people have written about their bannings - as I'm sure you can imagine it upsets people a great deal when it happens so it is a frequent topic of conversation. I don't know how often you frequent Jezebel, but this list includes some of your most valued and consistent commenters. As I said before, I get that there is a lot of pile on and I can't imagine dealing with that. But I'm not a professional writer who must stand by their work. Dismissing crticism just feeds the mob so we start shouting "RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE" instead of actually elevating the discussion through dialogue with the authors and each other.


Selfie Gate —> Pope Alexander (there was another post on this, since deleted, in which Erin Ryan came to GT and essentially threatened to shut the forum down)

Lena Gate —> Kyosuke (who became a MP author roughly a week later), luftwaffle , cassiebearrawr

Men crotch shots Gate —> Hellomylover

Random: mcuncool

Courtesy of croguesberg:

Erin Gloria Ryan's Hubris (on Crosstalk)

The Selfie Kerfuffle (also on Crosstalk)

More on EGR's "we don't owe you" (on Clashtalk)

This particular exchange happened on groupthink (Erin came over from the mainpage where she had been criticized for the article)

Incidents of dismissal/demotion on the mainpage