Yesterday I posted about my coworker taking credit for my work. The comments were really supportive and sweet, and I've read all of them. Thank you.

I was too down-in-the-mouth to read them all yesterday, much less acknowledge them (even with the star button) or talk about it. I was just pissed and depressed and not talkative. But I kind of hate it when I write a long comment and it's not even acknowledged, and I suspect other people do too, which is why I'm posting this.

I haven't — counter all the recommendations — talked to my boss. My work culture is very much about "we're a team trying to do something, it's the work that matters, it's not about us." And I don't want my boss to see me as someone who puts herself first and cares about attribution. This isn't something that's going to make or break my career, so it's not that important. I'm still kind of seething and I'm going to be more careful — and if my coworker does it again I'm going to rend him — but it's not worth it to me to make this a drama and be that person.

Thanks again for the camaraderie and support.