It always works! It raises so much awareness! Clicking that like button, typing a simple message, it is SO EFFECTIVE. It, in no way, makes you look totally dumb by posting fruits in your status and defining yourself by your relationship status!

One of my best friends sent me this today:

Hi beautiful ladies so here it is the time of year again when we try to raise awareness of breast cancer through a game. Its very easy and I would like all of you to participate. Two years ago we had to write the color of our under wear on our wall. Men wondered for days what was going on with random colors on our walls. This year we make references to our love life status as a flavor. Do not answer to this message just post your corresponding word on your wall AND send this message privately to all the girls on your friends list. Blueberry is single, Pineapple is its complicated, Raspberry is I don't want to commit, Apple is engaged, Cherry is in a relationship, Banana is married, Avocado is im the better half , Strawberry is can't find Mr Right, Lemon is I want to be single, Raisin is I want to get married to my partner. Last time the underwear game was mentioned on T.V let's see if we can get there with this one. Copy and paste this message into a new message and send it to all your girly friends then update your status with your answer ONLY!!! Don't tell any men...

I replied all "But what about all the men who get breast cancer?"


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