You know the one. It's the story you tell when you are a little giddy, maybe a little drunk, in your element. It's the one that, when you meet someone new, a friend says, "Quash, tell her the story." Maybe you have multiple, but you have one that is your favorite. I want to hear it.

I am a good story teller in person, less so on paper. (Probably because I'm always rushing these posts in the middle of working, but that is an aside). But still, I very much enjoy both telling and hearing a good story.

And The older I get, the more stories I have. But still, there is one that I tell with the most frequency. I have variations of the story I tell depending on the audience (sometimes I leave out some more of the salacious details for the naive ears), sometimes I tell the story as a piece of a larger story about my life, but it is definitely my fall back.

But I want to hear yours. It can be funny, sad, poignant, or inane. Just tell me your favorite story. And if you need some time to think, leave this page open and come back. Or just go tell me about the worst compliment you've ever gotten, instead.

I'll post mine in the comments later so it doesn't predominate over the others.

I'm listening!

Tell me your best story...

ETA: Does anyone want to share to crosstalk where I don't have posting privileges? I bet the commenters over there have some great stories. :)