So I used to have massive hair. Hair very much like this:

Tales of a Middle Aged Woman Who Cannot Do Her Own Damn Hair

Hair like that? You just roll with it. Get some fun barrettes, learn how to braid, don't abuse it by blow drying it, and just let it live around around your head in a mane of glorious curls. Or, chop it off in a pixie when you get pissed off with it, because it grows 1" a month anyway.

Until you hit your mid-30's and you develop undiagnosed hypothyroidism. It starts coming out in handfuls, and your doctor pooh-poohs you - of course it's getting harder to lose weight and you're losing some hair - you're getting older! Yeah, thanks. I lost half my hair, and after the diagnosis, what grew back grew back smoother.

Without the coarseness, my hair will hold a curl under much professional guidance, but since I pretty much spent my entire life not doing my hair, I'm having a harder time with it. It's also still pretty thick on the back of my head, but it didn't come fully back in the front. It's been a challenge.

I love my new Deva stylist, and we had it in a long layered cut that brushed my shoulders. Very pretty. But since there's not a whole lotta humidity here in Minnesota for most of the time, it lost its' curl pretty quickly. So last week, I decided to to chop it off. But since I didn't know what I could handle, we talked over what I could do. (Since it still grows quickly, I wasn't stressed or hesitant - I just have different hair than I did for nearly 40 years of my life.)

She gave me a curly crop, still with some mild fringy type bangs. It was absolutely adorable when I left the salon. However now? I am having issues. I think I'm getting closer - despite what my stylist said, I think the light curl gel is still better since the ultra just made my hair crunchy and heavy - but basically, it looks like that bad "curtain" hair guys used to sport in the 90's. The curl is having a hard time surviving the drying process. (Though the first time I used the diffuser, I was moving it around, which you're not supposed to do.)

I got the Deva diffuser and like how it works, but I think my old trick of flipping my head over while diffusing is no longer correct. I whipped my head up this afternoon after drying it, and I looked like Sideshow Bob. I think I'll have to do it head-up, facing the mirror tomorrow.

Anyone else a total failure at working their own hair?