Which is Worse: A Game of Thrones Spoiler, or Detention?

A French mathematics teacher is said to have devised a powerful technique for keeping classroom chatter to a minimum: Whenever his class gets too noisy, he simply writes a spoiler from Game of Thrones on the board. As in: "Oh, you haven't finished reading A Storm of Swords? LET ME TELL YOU EVERYONE WHO DIES." » 3/23/14 12:45pm 3/23/14 12:45pm

Why do we love watching F-ed up shows on TV?

I was browsing through the TV listings for something to watch before the new episode of Dance Moms, and I came across the programme titled "The 200kg Boy". I suppose the content is fairly explanatory - this poor 15-year-old child weighs 200kg (about 440lbs), and this show is chronicling the "extreme measures he takes to… » 2/21/14 3:24pm 2/21/14 3:24pm

Ugh, homophobes who deny being homophobes.

So today in class, two friends and I were talking about netflix, and I mentioned that I absolutely loved OITNB, because duh. I have come out to everyone already, everyone knows I'm bi because its a small school and people gossip lots. And these two I was talking with told me they were proud of how brave I was to come… » 2/06/14 8:35pm 2/06/14 8:35pm

My Days of Netflix

My love affair with Netflix is going strong. I am working down the list of recommends that was provided plus some other ones I have found. Sure, we have had some duds (I'm looking at you Only God Forgives) but most of the things Netflix has offered me has been good so far. My Netflix picks are included below in no… » 2/03/14 12:31pm 2/03/14 12:31pm

Shahs of Sunset's Breakfast Club

So I was totally watching Shahs of Sunset and was watching them in their giant limo going to Turkey, with their Cristal and their expensive shoes and their pointless arguing and thought, man, they are like the Breakfast Club. 5 archetypes thrown together, expressing feelings of mutual dislike and finally bonding after… » 1/17/14 12:46pm 1/17/14 12:46pm