The Joke

This happened last Saturday. I meant to post it to GT then, but ... busy.

Little bit of background: I work at grill/brewery in one of the big yuppie/hipster neighborhoods in Chicago. We host weddings and events on our second floor because we have a nice second bar, empty space up there that we otherwise wouldn't use.… » 1/23/15 1:12pm 1/23/15 1:12pm

The Whiteness Project

I heard about this a while back but NPR just did a story so I thought I'd bring it up. [UPDATE] I realize someone already posted about this - didn't scroll back far enough - but here are my white opinions about it, haha. » 12/22/14 11:52am 12/22/14 11:52am

White Male People Can't Appropriate the "Pain" of Ferguson

So, I engaged in a debate, against my better judgement with this kid I went to university with. This is a guy with a master's in political science. He has almost the same education as I do (mine is a bit longer-running but you get the idea). Anyhow, he posts this article about how women are oppressing men from… » 12/05/14 3:14pm 12/05/14 3:14pm

Holy Shit, We Really Are Moving Backwards UPDATED

UPDATE: Per Graby Sauce, according to Vox magazine that is not what this regulation intends. Graby's comment is below and should get all credit for clearing this up. » 11/06/14 8:47pm 11/06/14 8:47pm

Uh-oh. Cultural appropriation/racist clothing advert alert.

So, I'm at my local gym here in eastern France, the TV screens up on the walls have a few different shows going. Innocuous stuff that I can ignore, mostly: Something old with Beverly D'Angelo, a Friends episode with French subtitles, the news. And then a commercial pops up on the Friends screen and within moments, I… » 11/04/14 8:16am 11/04/14 8:16am

PSA: That Oatmeal Comic You Like is Racist

I'm probably gonna bump this a bunch of times today because last year I saw the Oatmeal comic about sixty billion times by the end of the day, but please read this. Yes, it's a little self serving but Bartolome was a racist asshole and Matthew Inman is too. Please stop sharing it. » 10/13/14 10:54am 10/13/14 10:54am

Ten Not-Shitty Alternatives for Columbus Day

Every year around Columbus Day I feel a great disturbance, as if a million history majors have cried out in terror as they try to decide if it's worth it to explain why the day is racist to friends and relatives on Facebook. And for the past two years the Oatmeal comic extolling the virtues of Bartolomé de las Casas » 10/13/14 10:30am 10/13/14 10:30am