Natives Sued by School for Protesting Thanksgiving "Celebrations"

In November of 2012 the Maria Montessori School of San Diego sent a letter to us, requesting that our two children of Oglala Lakota and Lumbee Native American heritage and students of the school, to stay home from school for four days. During the four days the school hosted Thanksgiving Day activities that were…

» 7/10/14 4:30pm 7/10/14 4:30pm

Only black child in Newfoundland community faces racism, backlash for…

This week, national media reported on Torrence Collier, an 11-year-old in Westport, Newfoundland who has had to transfer schools because of the extreme and racist bullying he has endured in his community. Torrence is the only black child in the community. The bullying at his school was so bad that he was under… » 6/15/14 6:47pm 6/15/14 6:47pm

When You Can't Win as a White Republican, Become a Latino Democrat

That's the strategy of one (ex?) Republican hopeful for the House of Representatives. Republican Scott Fistler, who ran in 2012 as a write-in candidate and, since he was a write-in candidate and all, lost. He has since changed his name and party in hopes of winning this time around. He also lost last year in a race… » 6/03/14 9:32pm 6/03/14 9:32pm

Yuri Kochiyama, Unsung Human Rights Hero, Has Passed (1921-2014)

It's a shame not many know about her because Yuri Kochiyama was the ultimate intersectional badass. In her 93 years she survived Japanese internment camps and fought for reparations, cradled Malcom X as he died, fought for Puerto Rican independence, was nominated for a Nobel peace prize, advocated for nuclear… » 6/02/14 2:36pm 6/02/14 2:36pm

To Add to NinjaCate's Post about Black Wall Street...

is a reference to the bombing of MOVE in Philadelphia. For those who could possibly retort that the bombing of Black Wall Street occurred in 1921 and thus terrorist attacks like this against Blacks could never come to fruition in contemporary times, the MOVE Bombings happened in 1985, just 29 years ago. » 6/01/14 1:20pm 6/01/14 1:20pm

You Know What's More Annoying Than Plain Old Regular Racism?

Incorrect racism. And I don't mean stupid racist stuff that's just plain wrong. No, I'm not talking about stuff like assuming that black Americans can't resist fried chicken and watermelon or that Latin@ people can all speak Spanish. I'm talking about getting racist stuff thrown at you that isn't even meant for you. » 5/20/14 2:25am 5/20/14 2:25am

I'm Not Racist Thanks to TV and That Scares The Crap Out of Me

Let's get something out of the way. I'm a white woman, and I grew up in a predominantly white suburban setting. I have a lot of privilege, and pretty homogenous surroundings, to this day. And I confess that I'm not racist (read: a lot less racist and a lot more aware) thanks in no small part to the fact that as a… » 5/08/14 5:18pm 5/08/14 5:18pm