White Male People Can't Appropriate the "Pain" of Ferguson

So, I engaged in a debate, against my better judgement with this kid I went to university with. This is a guy with a master's in political science. He has almost the same education as I do (mine is a bit longer-running but you get the idea). Anyhow, he posts this article about how women are oppressing men from… » 12/05/14 3:22pm 12/05/14 3:22pm

On Using GoneGirl As An Excuse For Misogynistic "Fear"

Recently I decided to break my standing rule about going to see movie adaptations blind, and went to see the Gone Girl move without having read the book. I had a vague idea of the plot from the book's reputation, but for the most part, I didn't know the story going in. Ever since then, I've spent a lot of time… » 11/14/14 1:23pm 11/14/14 1:23pm

Misogynistic Trolls Drive Feminist Video Game Critic From Her Home

Here's your daily reminder that Internet misogynists are vile, horrible creatures and that women face threats and harassment on a daily basis just for having opinions and voicing them: feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian has been driven out of her own home after receiving an outpouring of death and rape threats on… » 8/28/14 4:48pm 8/28/14 4:48pm

Trans Women Assaulted and Stripped on Train, Passengers Cheer

Well this is just lovely (and by that I mean shockingly common), two transgender women of color were harassed and assaulted by at least two men on Atlanta's MARTA train because, oh hey, they're trans women of color. And the men stripped one of the women naked, because of course they did. » 5/28/14 9:17pm 5/28/14 9:17pm

Gay men and their use of "she" and "her"

I went to the pub to watch the rugby with my best mate and his friends, it was a mix of straight women and gay men. The gay guys often would say things like "oh, look at her" and "she's getting pissy" when referring to each other. I find it really uncomfortable, I don't really know how to articulate why it makes me… » 2/08/14 3:37pm 2/08/14 3:37pm

I love you, Gay Men, but stop saying "Tranny"

Over at the Huffington Post, Parker Marie Molloy calls out cis, gay men for the overuse of the word "tranny," especially in performances, either in drag shows or in wider pop culture (including TV shows like How I Met Your Mother and Glee which feature everyone's favorite gay celebrity, Neil Patrick Harris). » 12/13/13 1:41am 12/13/13 1:41am

Fun With Etymology #2: Feminist Werewolves

Awoo, everybody. Welcome to the latest installment of Fun with Etymology! Last time we talked about the words love and pussy, but we will be scaling back to just one word this time. Today we’re going to talk about werewolves and where they come from (etymologically – we all know that geographically they come from… » 12/10/13 11:49am 12/10/13 11:49am

Fun With Etymology #1 - I Love Pussy!

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post in a new series brought to you by me, SaintRidley. I have a fun introduction planned for you, wherein we will discuss the etymologies of the words love and pussy. Along the way we'll learn a bit about some other words as well. I'll be bolding some key words so things are easier… » 12/03/13 3:38pm 12/03/13 3:38pm