Ninja shared the article, and Pope shared an excellent comment. But I want to talk about it here!

First I want to talk about how disappointed I am in the comments over there. So many "I believe in the right to an abortion but you cannot be happy about it" type comments.

Graby Sauce has a great summary:

So, judging from the comments here, a woman has a right to choose, but she can't be happy about it (in fact, she should feel intense shame), and if she should know better and gets pregnant anyway (which describes approximately 100% of women after they've had sex ed in high school), then she is an idiot who doesn't deserve sympathy or to live without judgment or to have children in the future.

You people are the WORST abortion advocates in the world.

So what are your thoughts, GTers?

I'd like to also draw attention to Lawlover's comment here, because it is lost in the thread, and I think it is great (all your comments are great! Sorry to exalt one over others!):

To me it shows how successful the right wing anti-choice crowd has been at controlling the abortion conversation. They've convinced us that people have to feel bad about it, or that it must be hard, because they think it's wrong. A film made for women who are having or have had abortions, as a show of solidarity, is supposed to cater to those people who think the abortion should never have happened.

We need to step out from this shadow of shame that a it choices have thrust upon this issue and talk about it frankly. Yeah, sometimes people get pregnant in dumbass ways. Yeah, sometimes the decision is really easy. Deal with it.

It reminds me a little of the people who say, "I think abortion should be legal though I would never have one." Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong inherently with that sentiment. But I think that sentiment gets expressed a lot because conservatives are controlling the conversation, making it about morality, and people feel compelled to say it as if to justify their own stance. I've said it before, and now I'm kind of questioning why.