One thing that kind of gets under my skin around here is how much commenters both talk shit about how horrible Gawker commenters are and then complain when Jezebel commenters are stereotyped.

I'm going to be honest and say that I prefer the Gawker mainpage to the Jezebel mainpage and add that there is this tendency to take the worst of gawker, ignore the rest and then talk about how horrible everyone is. I wish people would kind of realize that there are good mainpage gawker commenters and we don't have to perpetually talk shit about gawker. (I'm a mainpage Gawker commenter! HAMNO FOREVER!) We don't like it when other people make sweeping stereotypes of jezebel and sometimes it'd be nice to offer the same courtesy to gawker commenters. Personally, I don't mind criticism but always talking about how awful they are is not a real pointed criticism.