ETA- I do logically know that the concept of forced sterilization is abhorrent, and that it would most likely only be used against poor women. I just get so upset to hear about these cases, and wish that there was something concrete that could prevent it.

The main page has an article about a recent child abuse case where a young boy was almost starved to death. This one, along with the recent case where a woman beat her child to death for being 'gay', and countless others I've heard of over the years makes me wonder why, as a society, we allow some people to continue to procreate.

I know it's bad to start messing with reproduction rights, but why give horrific abusers chance after chance to hurt children? We allow chemical castration for child molesters, so why is it so wrong to think of limiting reproductive abilities for men and women who've abused children in other ways? Vasectomies for men, and tubal ligation for women. It would be cheaper than the potential costs of future child abuse (court cases, foster care, hospital stays, etc). Why is the need for someone to have a baby more important than the well-being of that future baby?

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