Snowpocalypse 2014

As of about midnight last night there were people stuck in traffic in Atlanta. There are many who had to spend the night in their cars in the freezing temperatures. This is Georgia, the majority of people don't own really warm clothes.

There are students trapped in buses still awaiting rescue.

Some students spent the night in classrooms.

Humvees have apparently been sent out to help the buses and are loaded with food and water for folks.

All over about 3" of snow.

I'm not sure why schools were let out so late. I know in my town, my mother who works at the high school, was let out at 1:00pm. It had already been snowing for an hour. I'm pretty sure Atlanta was let out around the same time. My university still had classes until 3:30pm.

Here's to hoping they all get rescued soon and that those classrooms were well heated for those kiddos.

It is important to remember that while you may make fun of the way southerners react to snow, there is a reason. Shit like this happens because we are not prepared for the snow. Our roads are not salted, we don't have snow tires, we don't all have warm winter coats (as of this winter, I own exactly one lightweight hoodie, because money), or even gloves. So it is kind of a big deal here. It truly is a Snowpocalypse.