First of all, all is well right now. We have hot water again and they told us we can close our windows.

I called the fire department directly after the CO alarm went off. After describing what happened, they decided to come out and do a reading with their detector. They told us to close the windows and wait outside so they could get an accurate reading.

We packed up kitty in the carrier and (after some serious 'tude from my boyfriend who was NOT taking this seriously) waited for them. They found the highest level coming from the heat register. They got 2 other reports from our building in the time they were coming over. After checking it out they decided it was the heat and they checked the boiler room. The levels down there maxed out their detector.

Apparently the dumbass maintenance guy (seriously he's...a winner. we've dealt with him before) had the boiler up suuuuuuper high trying to heat the building and it basically almost poisoned everyone. We were able to go back in and hang with the windows open after they turned it off. There were like...3 fire trucks and several police cars outside from 2:30 until after we left for dinner around 6:00 (one truck was still there when we got home at quarter to 9).

They had to knock on every door in the 10 story building and unlock people's doors to open their windows. They brought in a stretcher at one point but I couldn't tell what was going on.

Now, the freakiest parts about this (other than, you know, the maintenance guy nearly killed us) are:

  1. I have no idea who in building management to even contact or who would be notified about this, or handle it (the concierge came up to us as we were in the hall and said, "oh yes someone told me theirs went off a while ago. thanks for calling someone!" GOOOOD)
  2. There was no mass email, text, call, NOTHING to tell anyone what was going on. They told us we could open our windows when we got home, but if we hadn't been the ones to call this in I don't think we'd even know what was going on. People were coming in the building and going out and nobody was giving them any info. Sooooo are we just going to pretend this never happened? Wouldn't an email that's like, "please make sure you have a functioning CO detector and here's what you should do if this happens again" make sense?! Especially since there was no heat or hot water for at least like 4 hours this afternoon.

I guess I'm just confused. Luckily it looks like our heat and hot water is back, so we won't have to leave like we thought (I wasn't sure if they might make us leave in that situation). We're just winging it now I guess since we know our meter works at least and we know what to do if it happens.

I've also decided that I'm the designated safety officer in this household and everyone just needs to check the 'tude at the door and let me deal with it when there's an issue. No ifs, ands, or buts!

So, PSA: get a CO detector and keep the batteries up to date!

Update on situation from before and my building sucks?