I'm having a hard time keeping it positive, lately. This week is far superior to the week before spring break, but it still takes focus and concentration.

The following anecdote is to lower my blood pressure and not to ask for advice. I need to vent and there are no adults within earshot.

I have this student. This student is an international student, here on an international Visa, from a relatively conflict-free area of the world. The student mostly sits through class staring blankly at the wall, despite the small class size and the ample participation from all of their peers.

I sent midterm grade updates last night to get a few butts in gear, this student's especially, and immediately got a response that said something like, "Is there anything I can do? Any way you can work with me? I'm already in trouble for my [specific visa]. [Your supervisor] already knows about my issues." This is the first and only time this kid has ever acknowledged a communication from me.

This kid skipped the class before break. The email said they were writing me from the Bahamas. The take-home exam I assigned them? Was returned three days late. The writing assignments that are intended to off-set poor test-taking? The one that was turned in was blatantly plagiarized and the other never appeared.

Can I do extra work to give you extra credit when you haven't done the regular credit yet, and can't be bothered to return from spring break to attend one of the classes you're failing?

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