Semi-open thread about problematic stuff for kids

There has been a lot of talk here about classic stuff (books, movies, cartoons) aimed at kids and what you do about them now - do you ignore them? Shield your kids from them? Cut out the bad parts (I will say upfront that's a big NO from me)? Bite the bullet and tell kids that while some parts are funny there are some parts that are genuinely upsetting?

There is a lot of problematic shit from the past that we might not want to acknowledge or show younger generations. Unfortunately, the bad shit is not all tied to the equivalent of Michael Bay or Adam Sandler movies from the past - some of it is in the best popular culture had to offer.

Disney's Snow White is one of the most beautiful animated movies ever, but it's tied to sexist stereotypes. Bugs Bunny is the funniest cartoon character ever, but there are some racist stuff in there. Huckleberry Finn is a great book that, sadly, has the N-word on every page. Almost all modern sitcoms stem from The Jack Benny Show, which featured a subservient black character named Rochester.

So what do you do? Is there one answer?