Like, you guys, what is it with street harassment that makes people so fucking pissed off when you voice an opinion on it?

And it's not just men who don't get it or are straight up misogynist trolls (although there are a lot of, "but my feelings! I just want to be nice to girlz and compliment them! I just...i!"). It's women who say you're sad and pathetic, mentally unstable, afraid everyone is going to rape you, sexist, they don't go around feeling that way (and they're an attractive woman, bee tee dubs), and that it's a good thing when people are aggressive or say something sexual to you in public. A person who claims to be a woman literally wrote this to me:

For me, part of being in public in an urban area is knowing and celebrating the interactions involved with moving through the city. I know that some people are going to ask me for change on the street, sometimes aggressively or strangely. That's a good thing. I expect people to say things out loud to me, sexually or otherwise. That's ok too, as long as it's something said in passing and isn't followed up with some sort of physical imposition. Even so, someone grabbed my butt in the Whole Foods the other day. It was unexpected, but I laughed it off because it was basically harmless - it's the first time that's happened to me, and that's the upper limit of my tolerance threshold.

I just....what?!

Oh also whoever was saying that the media "rushed to judge" George Zimmerman and that it's unacceptable to be racist in public nowadays—I see you too, boo, and it's highly uncool.

There are also people of all genders and stripes going on about how wonderful the world would be if everybody just smiled and talked to each other in public or whatever other old-man-yelling-at-cloud thing they're saying about kids and their smart phone games or whatever. Like, fuck, it's cool that birds do your hair in the morning and Bambi picks out your clothes before you frolic down the street waving to every passerby but that is not all of our lives. Why are people so damn insistent that they have some kind of right to speak to me and everyone else unsolicited in public without me getting annoyed at them? YOU ARE SO ANNOYING. And I am not the only one who thinks so.

Damn it, you guys. I just had to get that off my chest.

Replies on FloralBonnet's article are making my head explode