I'm a bit puzzled about this... suppliers of a drug used for lethal injection have stopped providing it for that use. So, the states who use lethal injection need to change which drugs they use and how they are used. This is leading to people being pretty much tortured to death.

Instead of experimenting with new ways of using medicine to kill people, why don't they spend the same time installing gallows or guillotines? If it's a law change they need for the method, why not approach the courts to get it changed?

If your aim is to kill someone semi-humanely, then surely execution by hanging or decapitation fits the bill. (Of course, the executioner needs to be an expert in getting the drop right so the person is killed by having their neck broken, maybe they could send their executioners to Iran or Pakistan and have them trained properly)

I don't understand why they are pissing about with these drugs... they're certainly not more civilised than older methods. Is this a cultural thing I'm not getting? Would the death penalty be less popular if these methods were used?