A lot of us have anonymous gmails for kinja related shenanigans. I just wanted to make sure that you are all aware that if your account is linked to your personal email (via forwarding, send as, etc), it may show up as a "connected profile" on gmail contacts when you email other users - effectively doxxing you to whoever you are emailing. I'm sure this has happened to more people than are aware.

To clarify, this is a screen shot of when I looked up the contact info for a kinja friend using my kinja gmail. It showed me the screen name and address, as expected (left). But on the right side under connected profiles it also pulled up her real name and contact info. Not expected.

PSA Re: Email Addresses

ETA: MPFB directed us to this from the google help page. So, in effect, it seems people may have unintentionally it up as an alternate email address and that connects them.

If you have a Google profile, information from that profile will also appear in the contact managers of other Google users who already have your primary email address, any alternate email addresses you've set up, or your profile link saved.