Pride & Prejudice: Who's your Darcy?

I am Team Matthew MacFayden. Yeah, I said it.

Much like Rebecca Harrington at HuffPo, it took me a while to come to this conclusion: Matthew MacFayden makes the better Darcy. I like her take on it - he plays Darcy not as arrogant, but as socially awkward. Maybe it's not true to the time or the spirit of the book - or maybe it is - but it makes for a really appealing Darcy.

You can see the pain on his face as pain, not annoyance. You can see him really aching for Elizabeth and fighting himself almost through the whole movie in a way Colin Firth never quite captured until the post-proposal scenes.

I'm still not sure how I feel about Keira Knightley as Elizabeth - I like her in general, but something about her doesn't feel quite right to me here - but the casting in this movie has a few highlights. I particularly love Rosamund Pike as Jane and Simon Woods as Bingley. I love Kelly Reilly as Caroline Bingley as well - she's so delightfully bitchy here. Jena Malone as Lydia is kind of "meh" for me - she doesn't really play it as brash as Julia Sawalha did in the mini series - but Carey Mulligan as Kitty is adorable. And Judi Dench is marvelously Judi Dench. :)

Talk amongst yourselves. I must go to the gym now that the early-morning-walk-across-the-field scene has completed. :D