To the left-handed GTers: Was/is your left-handedness a big deal now or when you were growing up? Were there attempts to "fix" you, to other you, were you teased? Talk to me about using power saws, sewing machines, and more. I'm curious.

I'm not left-handed

What's the world like for Lefties?

so maybe I'm talking out of my ass here, but I never viewed it as a terrible hardship. Inconvenient, yes (special scissors) but hardly worth blinking at. Certainly not something to mock or belittle others over. I have heard of children in generations before mine suffering because of it, of being forced to use their right hand, hit with rulers or worse if failing to comply, but I guess I figured that by now, it was all generally okay in the world.

I ask because I had an odd conversation recently that got me thinking on this. I had hired a young local girl (who is left-handed) to help me do some cleaning so she could earn vacation souvenir money. In truth, it was a great way for me to get my kitchen cleaned — we worked side by side, and having someone there kept me on task. The girl's family viewed my act as incredibly generous ("You didn't have to do that!" — a phrase I hate, but that's for another day), calling me to thank me, etc. Her grandmother and I bumped into each other while running errands, and the grandmother brought up the cleaning. She then started on about how "it takes such patience" to work with this child, and how her own daughter was also left-handed but she "never had the time to deal with THAT". She also talked about "modifying" tasks for the granddaughter, "working with her boundaries", etc. The granddaughter does not have a disability that would make this kind of language relevant. She just happens to be left-handed. It blew me away, this attitude. There may be some cultural attitudes there.

ETA: I have a left-handed sister, and for a long time we had picnic benches and a picnic table as our main dining room furniture. She often got to sit on the end of the bench (left side) because of the whole elbow issue. We were all a little bit jealous of that.

So, what's the world like for a lefty?